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Want PlayStation games on your phone? It's happening...


Sony is standing up to its ever-growing competition among phone and tablet games, and it's going as far as forming a new company that'll bring PlayStation titles and characters to mobile devices.

ForwardWorks, revealed as the name of the new branch in a press release, will cater to "users with opportunity to casually enjoy full-fledged game titles in the new field of the smart device market".

Little is known about the new software company at this time other than its intentions, although the press release also states that for the time being at least, the games will only be delivered to the Japanese and Asian markets.

This makes sense, considering there is ever-growing competition in the mobile market with Nintendo making a play for younger users on mobile with its new Miitomo app, an avatar-based community experience that bridges the gap between gaming and services like WhatsApp.

ForwardWorks will come into being on April 1, the same time as Sony is set to change into Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., a move, Sony hopes, will "vigorously maximize the corporate value and create new business opportunities".

Let's hope it's not an April fool's joke.