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Sony, Fon hook up to offer free Wi-Fi for PSP

Free online PSP action can be yours - if you live in Japan

Final Fantasy maniacs who also happen to own a PSP better get themselves over to Tokyo PDQ if they want to be among the first in the world to get their hands on the latest instalment of the long-running epic.

The latest title, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, is due out in Japan towards the end of this year, but PSP owners can get a sneak preview and a special Dessidia theme for their handhelds through a new tie-up between Sony and Spanish firm Fon.

Download central

As of this weekend, PSPs running a special free browser can hop on the Fon network of open Wi-Fi hotspots. These are generally maintained by altruistic individuals, but several thousand from ISP Livedoor are hooked up too.

Once online at one of the 44,000 Fon hotspots in Japan, there's a cornucopia of PSP goodies to download for free, but we're betting any FF fan worth his salt will have only one destination in mind.