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Forget Netflix - there’s a Witcher ‘movie’ you can watch right now on Amazon Prime

The internet was abuzz yesterday with the news that Netflix would be producing a TV series based on The Witcher, the franchise that’s so far generated three games and eight books. 

But if you want to enjoy a live-action Witcher film you can do so right now with an Amazon Prime subscription. 

Ok, it might be a short seven-minute long fan-film film rather than a professional production with all of the bells and whistles of a Netflix original, but ‘Witcher: First Hunt’ is an enjoyable take on the world of the Witcher. 

Since it’s only seven minutes long, we won’t spoil too much of what happens, but suffice to say it follows Geralt through a scenario that anyone who’s played the Witcher games will be familiar with. 

If you’d like to check out Witcher: First Hunt for yourself then the full thing is available now on Amazon Prime

Jon Porter

Jon Porter is the ex-AV Editor for TechRadar. He wrote for magazine and websites such as The Verge, Practical Photoshop, TrustedReviews, Inside Higher Ed, Al Bawaba, Gizmodo UK, Genetic Literacy Project, Via Satellite, Real Homes, Plant Services Magazine