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Download Red Dead Redemption 2 today – seriously do, it's massive

Getting ready to ride out onto the dusty plains of Red Dead Redemption 2? You can get ahead of the pack from today, as Rockstar has opened up pre-load downloads for the western adventure game.

And, if you're buying the game as a pre-ordered digital download, you should take advantage, particularly if your internet connection speed is slow. It's a huge install.

If you've bought the Xbox One version of the game you're looking at a 107GB installation, while it's a 99GB download on PS4 (as well as needing an additional 50GB of free space for the installation process itself). As far as we're aware, that makes it the biggest PS4 game ever.

Those install sizes remain the same if you've got the disc versions, though you don't benefit from a few days advance installation time. However, picking up a physical copy on PS4 also means you don't need to free up that additional 50GB of space, as the disc installation doesn't require it.

Race to release

The Red Dead Redemption 2 release date is set for October 26, putting us exactly a week out from the launch of the game today.

Saddling up imminently, Rockstar has also treated us to one final trailer before the game hits our consoles. Catch it in action below: