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Sony's PS3 SOCOM Bluetooth headset confirmed

The SOCOM Bluetooth headset: coming soon
The SOCOM Bluetooth headset: coming soon

Exciting news for foul-mouthed 14 year old boys everywhere as Sony has officially announced its PlayStation-branded SOCOM Bluetooth headset, which has been wiffling around in rumour-form for a while.

The CEJH-15002, slated for an October 30 release date alongside the emergence of SOCOM: CONFRONTATION, has been priced at ¥5000, which is literally about £25.73. As ever, though, expect a bit of a price hike when it reaches our shores.

Automatic pairing

The Bluetooth 2.1+EDR noise-cancelling headset will automatically pair with the PS3, making it immediately ready for any and all games supporting on-line chat, such as the aforementioned SOCOM title or the upcoming Resistance 2.

The included USB cradle charges the headset for around 8 hours of pained screaming at your squadmates, and using it with the console will also prompt the appearance of on-screen indicators showing your connection status, battery charge level, speaker levels and microphone mute status at the touch of a button. It'll also work with mobile phones, which is always nice.

Naturally, TechRadar will be in touch when a UK release date and price are confirmed.