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(Try to) see the world's tiniest optical mouse!

The Z-Nano Mouse
The Z-Nano Mouse

Sometimes companies come out with products that are very useful and can benefit our lives in some way. Other times, like the Z-Nano Mouse release, it's just because they can make it.

This tiny, tiny mouse measures just 42x21x17.65mm, yet even has a scroll function, optical tracking and blinkin' blinking LED lights to boot.

Buttons switcheroo

Obviously the buttons aren't in the normal places, rather the left click is at the front, and the right one at the back, and a small rocker switch allows you to scroll up and down.

And for easy convenience, the USB connector even clips to the back of the mouse itself... and slots into a bizarre little net bag, or a clamshell case if you're more hardcore.

Check out the video of the (slightly pointless) device in action, and then think about just using the trackpad on the laptop... or even a normal mouse.