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Asus HD6950 Pro and 6970 XT hit the shelves

Asus has released new HD9600 series cards

Asus has released its new 6900 Cayman series graphics cards, the HD6950 (Pro) and HD 6970 (XT).

The cards feature new AMD Radeon graphic engine features, Eyefinity, HD3D and EyeSpeed, and shrug off the old plastic covers for new aluminium ones that dissipate heat more quickly for improved cooling.

The 6950 Pro builds on the reference design to be factory overclocked to 810MHz on the core and 5GHz on the video memory, while the top of the range 6970 XT offers a core set to 890MHz and the video memory factory set to 5.5GHz

Both cards take advantage of the exclusive Asus Voltage Tweak, which allows tuners to boost clocks by up to 50 per cent with proper cooling support – handy for gamers who like to delve under the hood.