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Canon EOS 5D Mark V and EOS R Mark II appear in company's internal roadmap

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We've been hearing rumors about Canon ditching the EOS 7D APS-C DSLR range in favor of a mirrorless version for a while now and, it seems, that might happen. The camera grapevine is now alluding to an EOS R Mark II showing up on a Canon internal roadmap document.

That's not all, though. A source has told Canon Rumors that the same document also listed the EOS 5D Mark V, although no timeline for the roadmap was provided. 

With plenty of buzz around the potential arrival of the EOS 1D X Mark III in early 2020, the news of a possible refresh to the very popular EOS 5D Mark IV will definitely please Canon's full-frame DSLR shooters.

Canon has done well to prove that DSLRs aren't dead in the water yet with the recent release of the EOS 90D, although this new snapper is designed around an APS-C sensor and not a full-frame one.

And if Canon is definitely looking to upgrade the 5D line, then it's none too soon. The fourth iteration of the EOS 5D was launched in August 2016, making it just over three years old. That said, its still one of the best full-frame cameras currently available. But with 4K video options limited and only a 7fps burst speed, its age is definitely beginning to show.

At this point, though, we don't have any clues as to what the internal specs of the 5D Mark V will be, but we'll be sure to keep our virtual eyes and ears open.

Sharmishta Sarkar

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