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Sony's new noise-cancelling cans launched in UK

Sony's new MDR-NC500D cans - here's how the noise-cancelling tech works

TechRadar informed you about Sony’s latest MDR-NC500D noise-cancelling 'phones last month, and we’ve just received word from Sony Europe that the cans have now been made available in the UK.

Sony claims the MDR-NC500Ds are the world's first headphones that cut out 99 per cent of external noise, with signal processing done digitally, rather than by using analogue audio.

The Sony press release continues: “The MDR-NC500D represents a radical departure from conventional noise cancelling headphones. They’re the first ever headphones to use digital technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve noise cancellation performance while ensuring optimum audio quality.”

Trains, planes, offices

The processor inside the MDR-NC500D automatically adapts the cancellation profile to suit the surrounding ambient noise to suit being on an aircraft, a bus or train, or in the office. Or you can do this manually, should you so choose.

Additionally, a monitor switch is provided for temporary listening to external sounds like cabin announcements or the usual mad people shouting (should you be on pretty much any bus in central London).

Expect to see the MDR-NC500Ds listed on the European Sony Style site very soon