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Android P notification rule will make you hate notches even more

Android P

Android P makes room for the controversial notch cutout that's a big a part of so many all-screen smartphones, and now it's even more controversial.

There's only room for four notification icons along the top of your phone now, and it's like that whether your smartphone has an iPhone X-like notch design or not.

We downloaded the Android P beta and tested this out after first seeing this limitation on Android Police. Sure enough, just four icons were shown in full. 

Five, six, and seven notifications are represented by small dots. They don't tell you what the notification is at a glance, but will fit onto your notched screen.

Notch set in stone

Keep in mind that this in the Android P beta, and not the final version of Google's mobile operating system that we expect to see in August. Anything can change.

Also, while Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus don't have a notch, Samsung can always customize Android P to its liking. This is one of the features on which the Samsung Experience interface may call an audible.

The top of the Android P screen with four icons feels limiting, but necessary for a world with notched phones. True all-screen smartphones could come soon enough.