Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review

Does the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress really give you scientifically-proven better sleep?

Press shot of the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress
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TechRadar Verdict

The Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 is one of the brand’s Lift range, designed to help you achieve a deeper and more undisturbed sleep. This is a high-quality mattress and we think it will appeal to a lot of sleepers, but the medium firm version that we tested it far firmer than you might expect.


  • +

    Firmer option gives great support for front sleepers

  • +

    Excellent motion isolation

  • +

    Ideal for hot sleepers


  • -

    Firmer version too firm for side sleepers

  • -

    Latex is only 50% natural

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Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: in brief

  • Promotes optimal spinal alignment to relieve pressure
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Medium/Firm version is will be too firm for many tastes

Silentnight is the largest UK manufacturer of mattresses and beds and the company is instantly recognisable with its pyjama-wearing hippo mascot. Known for producing some of the best mattresses for those looking for a traditional pocket sprung feel, Silentnight now produces a huge range of innovative modern mattresses, and its Superwash Duvet features in our best duvet ranking. The Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 is part of its ‘Lift’ range, which the company says has been ‘scientifically proven’ to improve your sleep.

We tested a double sized mattress in the medium firm finish (there’s also a medium soft version), sleeping on it for a month and testing it on all major areas of performance, such as pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, cooling and ease of setup. We’ll expand on all these points throughout the review.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress: At a glance

Product shot of the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress

(Image credit: Silentnight)

Best for: Front sleepers, heavier sleepers, those who share their bed with a restless partner.
Type: Hybrid mattress.
Firmness: 8/10
Materials: Carbon infused sleep surface, 50/50 blended latex (natural and synthetic), pocket springs.
Depth: 30.5cm
Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super King
Weight: 31.5-66.5kg

Made from zoned pocket springs and responsive latex, the Lift Replenish is a firm bed that’s a real winner for heavier weight sleepers and those who sleep on their front as both will be extremely well supported. It’s also a great choice for average weight back sleepers, who will find the zoned support cushions them and helps keep the spine perfectly aligned. That’s not to say that the mattress will suit everyone. Our lightest weight sleeper found the Lift Replenish too firm, feeling that they were sleeping on top of it rather than being supported by it. And it’s too hard for side sleepers, who could find pressure points building at their shoulders and hips. We’d recommend these sleepers try the medium soft version of the mattress.

The Lift Replenish medium firm is a great option for couples with surprisingly little motion transfer even with the latex in the mattress. Our testers didn’t notice any disturbance from a restless partner in the night. And our tester who sleeps extremely hot found that the mattress kept them cool and comfortable throughout the night. There’s a lot to recommend this mattress.

Not sure what mattress will suit you best? Our guide on how to choose a mattress that suits your sleeping position should help you decide.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Materials and design

  • Zoned pocket springs to keep the spine in a neutral position
  • Latex to help sleepers change position through the night
  • Latex is only 50% natural

The Lift Replenish is made up of three layers, which is a fairly small amount in modern mattress parlance. But the mattress is extremely well constructed and feels solid. With an overall depth of 30.5cm, this is a deep mattress that offers lots of support.

The support layer of the Lift Replenish is made up of 2000 pocket springs, which Silentnight says are scientifically proven to keep your spine neutrally aligned. The springs are zoned to be firmer in the centre third of the mattress to support the hips. Our testers certainly didn’t notice any sagging around the hips, feeling cradled and well supported.

Close-up of the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress

(Image credit: Jo Plumridge)

Above this is the comfort layer made from responsive latex that’s 50% natural and 50% synthetic. It helps make it easy to change positions throughout the night and provides a little bounce to the mattress. We noticed that there’s not a lot of bounce with the medium firm option, but none of our testers were woken in the night by changing position. In general, we’d prefer mattresses to be 100% natural latex, as this has a much longer life span.

The mattress is finished with a sleep surface with carbon weaved into it, which helps to reduce static induced cortisol levels and help sleepers have an undisturbed night’s sleep. Obviously, we’ve only been testing the mattress for a month, but we’ve been impressed with the build quality – it seems likely that this mattress will have a very decent life span, even with the synthetic latex.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Comfort

  • Zoned support to keep your spine neutrally aligned
  • The medium firm mattress is actually pretty firm – we rate it at 8 out of 10
  • A great choice for front sleepers, who will feel supported throughout their body

Although we were expecting the Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 to be on the firmer end of the scale, we were surprised by how firm it actually was. We wouldn’t describe this as a medium firm mattress but rather as a straight firm one.

But this firmness makes the mattress particularly suitable for front sleepers, helping to keep their spine aligned and straight, whilst preventing any dipping at the shoulders and neck. It’s also a wonderful choice for heavier weight sleepers, who will feel extremely well supported by the latex comfort layer, which is buoyant enough to prevent them sinking onto the pocket springs below.

A hand pressing down on the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress

(Image credit: Jo Plumridge)

Our two main testers were of light and average weight respectively. Our average weight reviewer found the mattress nicely supportive as a back sleeper and noticed how little dipping there was along the surface, meaning their spine remained neutrally aligned throughout the night. As a hot sleeper they were also thrilled with how cool the mattress kept them at night.

However, our lighter weight tester did find the mattress a little too firm, feeling that they were lying on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it and being supported. On a similar note, the Lift Replenish medium firm is too firm for side sleepers, who will feel too much pressure on their shoulders and hips. We’d recommend that they go for the medium soft version instead.  

If you’re a sleeper who appreciates a harder, firmer bed this is a great choice, particularly as the use of latex in the comfort layer helps to maintain a little bounce and ease of movement.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Support and pressure relief

  • Offers excellent pressure relief for front and average / heavier weight back sleepers
  • Too firm for side sleepers, who should investigate the medium soft option

We tested the sinkage of the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 with a 20kg weight placed in the middle of the bed. As we expected from such a firm mattress, there was very little sinkage of 2.5 inches with the weight sinking slightly further at the edges of the mattress to 3 inches.

But how does this translate into pressure relief for sleepers? The Lift Replenish’s firm feel really aids with pressure relief for front sleepers, who need a mattress that’s hard to keep their spine, shoulders and hips perfectly aligned. This mattress does a great job in this department and it’s also an excellent choice for heavier weight sleepers, who won’t feel as if they’re sinking too far into the mattress.

A weight and tape measure on the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress

(Image credit: Jo Plumridge)

Our average weight back sleeper also felt that the mattress offered great pressure relief, noting the extra support around the hips and the fact that they too maintained neutral spinal alignment through the night. As we mentioned previously our lighter weight sleeper did find the mattress too hard and experienced a little back pain as a result. It’s not the best choice for pressure relief when it comes to side sleepers either, as they too won’t sink into the mattress enough to be supported at pressure points. Of course, the medium soft version of this mattress could well be a more suitable choice for these sleepers. We’d also highly recommend the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress (see our Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review for more details), which comes in three different firmness options and offers excellent pressure relief.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Temperature regulation

  • Sleep surface has carbon woven into it, helping to keep sleepers cool
  • Pocket springs are well spaced to promote airflow

We tested the Lift Replenish with a summer duvet (4.5 tog) and a thick fleece blanket, in a bedroom that was around 16C. Our resident hot sleeper found that the mattress kept their temperature well-regulated throughout the night, preventing them from overheating.

The Lift Replenish isn’t specifically designed to be a cooling mattress, but the materials it uses help to promote airflow and keep sleepers comfortable. At the base, the 2000 pocket springs allow for good airflow and the latex comfort layer is naturally better at cooling than memory foam. The latex layer is also sprayed with graphite for natural flame retardancy, but as graphite is also good at absorbing heat, it also helps to cool the mattress. Finally the sleep surface has carbon woven into it – another substance that helps to absorb heat. We’d also recommend theSimba Hybrid Pro for hot sleepers, which has well spaced springs, graphite infused open cell foam, a hypoallergenic wool layer and a breathable cover; our Simba Hybrid Pro review has all the facts.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Motion transfer and edge support

  • Surprisingly little motion transfer for a latex mattress
  • Edge support is good, providing you sit back properly on the mattress

Of our two main testers, one has a tendency to change position quite dramatically. Fortunately, the Silentnight Lift Replenish did an excellent job of absorbing motion transfer, meaning our other sleeper wasn’t disturbed at all.

We performed a simple drop test with a 6kg weight and an empty wine glass to see if the results would back up our sleeping experiences. We dropped the weight from around 4-5 inches above the mattress at various distances from the wine glass, getting closer in increments to see whether the wine glass wobbled or fell over. At 25 inches there was absolutely no movement from the glass and at 10 inches there was a little wobble, but the glass remained upright. The glass fell over gently at 5 inches. Considering the combination of latex and springs in this mattress, we expected there to be more bounce, but the overall firmness of this mattress obviously negates this.

A wine glass, weight and tape measure on the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress

(Image credit: Jo Plumridge)

As we mentioned above, our largest weight of 20kg only sank 3 inches at the edge of the mattress and edge support on the Lift Replenish is generally good. You can lie right up to the edge of this mattress and still feel supported. However, when sitting on the mattress you do need to make sure that you’ve sat back and are fully balanced. Perch too close to the edge and you will start to feel as if you’re going to slide off.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Price and deals

  • A brand new range, so we haven’t seen sale prices yet, but Silentnight offers 25% discounts at fairly regular intervals
  • Competitively priced compared to similar mattresses

The Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress is part of Silentnight’s new Lift range and is the most expensive of the three mattresses available. This is purely down to the number of springs – the other models have 1200 and 1600 respectively. The RRP for a UK double is £1179, which we think places it at the lower end of the luxury market. For comparison, the Emma Premium mattress has an RRP of £1,099 but is regularly discounted by 50% (find out more in our Emma Premium mattress review), while the REM-Fit 500 Ortho Hybrid mattress has an RRP of £999 and is regularly discounted by up to 50%. 

This mattress range has only just been introduced so we’ve yet to see it included in any sales, but you can keep up to date with all the latest mattress discounts in our mattress sales guide. 

Here's the official pricing for the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000:

  • Single: £869
  • Double: £1179
  • King: £1349
  • Super King: £1579

As mentioned above, the Lift Replenish is a brand new mattress so we’ve yet to see any discounts as yet. But Silentnight has historically offered discounts of around 25%, so we would expect to see similar with the Lift range over time and during sales.

There aren’t many comparable mattresses to the Lift Replenish. Sealy’s Posturepedic Nostromo Latex 1400 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress is a cheaper latex version with fewer springs and not as much support. Simba’s Hybrid Pro offers similar quality to the Lift Replenish but is more expensive with a double currently at £1499.

You can also check out the latest Silentnight coupon codes for ways to save on your next mattress.

See the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 from £869 at Silentnight

See the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 from £869 at Silentnight
The Lift Replenish is a fantastic choice for those who like a firm bed and we’d particularly recommend it for front sleepers and those of an average and heavier build. The mattress comes with a 5-year warranty and a 60-night trial period. However, it’s important to note that the trial period only allows you to exchange the mattress for another Silentnight model.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Setup

  • Arrives flat and ready to sleep on
  • Two-man delivery team will take the mattress to your bedroom

Silentnight’s delivery service is pretty faultless. Once you’ve placed an order the mattress will take between 7 and 14 days to arrive, and you can keep track of your order in your online account. You’ll be given a delivery slot when it’s due to arrive.

The Lift Replenish is delivered flat and the two-man delivery team will take it to a room of your choosing. This was particularly useful for this mattress as it’s heavy (as many latex mattresses are). As it’s already flat you can sleep on it straight away and there’s no off gassing at all as the mattress has never been rolled up.

Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 Mattress review: Customer reviews

At the time of writing (November 2022) there are no customer reviews for the Silentnight Lift Replenish, as the range has only just been released. However, Silentnight mattresses have a well-established and loyal fan base, so we’d expect this mattress to be equally popular.

Should you buy the Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress?

The Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress on a bed

(Image credit: Jo Plumridge)

The Silentnight Lift Replenish Hybrid 2000 mattress is a well-made and solid mattress that will give sleepers many years of happy slumber. If you like a firm mattress this is definitely one to consider.

There aren’t many mattresses out there that suit front sleepers, as they need so much support but the Lift Replenish does a fantastic job of keeping them comfortable, with excellent pressure relief. It’s also a godsend for heavier weight sleepers – there’s no danger of sinking through the latex and ending up resting on the coils with this mattress.

Average weight back sleepers should feel well-supported on this mattress as well, but we think it’s too firm for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers, who may experience a little pain at pressure points due to not sinking into the mattress enough. Fortunately there is a medium soft version available as well, which should suit these sleepers better.

We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent motion isolation on the Lift Replenish and it also does an excellent job of keeping sleepers cool at night. 

If you’d prefer a slightly softer bed overall the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid has softer foam for a more cushioned feel. And if you’re a side sleeper you should consider the Brook + Wilde Elite in a soft firmness, which is ideal for cushioning and supporting the shoulders and hips.

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