Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 review

Budget handset, but that's not a bad thing

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 review review
It's small, but is it mighty?

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The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is an improvement on the original Galaxy Mini and while it doesn't do anything amazing, it's still a decent phone for the price tag it has.

We liked

For a cheap handset the Galaxy Mini 2 produces relatively decent performance and while it doesn't have the zip of pricier handsets, it's by no means a slouch which constantly leaves you waiting.

The clever placement of the microSD port on the side of the phone makes it really easy to swap between storage cards, helping you to build on the 4GB inside, plus a removable battery will be music to some people's ears as the likes of Sony and HTC start to seal in their power packs.

It's also good to see NFC make its way into another budget handset, as the contactless technology gradually builds its presence in the market.

We disliked

The camera feels like a bit of an afterthought and it lags behind the competition, with even the cheaper Huawei Ascend G300 offering up a better snapper.

It's also a shame to see yet another 2012 smartphone launch with Android Gingerbread, with Ice Cream Sandwich being established for almost a year now, and to add insult to injury it doesn't look like the Galaxy Mini 2 will ever get an upgrade to Android 4.0.


Overall at £150 it's difficult to knock the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, which offers up a budget smartphone experience and carries it off with relative ease.

The lower end of the mobile market is getting rather busy and the Galaxy Mini 2 has some stiff competition with the likes of the HTC Desire C, Sony Xperia U, Nokia Lumia 710 and Ascend G300 all vying for position.

However the Galaxy Mini 2 doesn't disgrace itself and while it doesn't rise head and shoulders above the competition it least gives them something to think about.

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