Orange San Diego review

Is the future bright with this one?

Orange San Diego review
Intel is inside its first European handset, but is it any good?

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On top of the 8MP camera, the Orange San Diego is also capable of capturing Full HD, 1080p video – impressive for a phone that is only setting you back £170.

The video recorder is accessed via the camera app – you'll need to prod the faint camera icon on the left-hand side of the screen to swap modes.

As with the camera app, the settings menu consists of an array of tiny icons at the top of the screen, however as there are far fewer of them in video mode it's easy to navigate.

Orange San Diego review

You have the choice of eight colour effects and four white balance modes, but that's about it. You can turn the flash on for filming, but this needs to be down before pressing record.

The same goes for the zoom; you need to set your level before you starting filming, which is frustrating because you're unlikely to want to stay zoomed in for an entire video, especially as quality is reduced the further you zoom.

Orange San Diego review

As well as Full HD, 1080p video, the Orange San Diego enables you to record at another seven quality levels, including 720p, 480p and QVGA.

The Orange San Diego produces decent video for a handset at its price point, and certainly gives the more expensive Sony Xperia P and Nokia Lumia 800 a run for their money.

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