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Juicebar Emergency Charger review

A quick jolt of electricity to power your phone

Juicebar Emergency Charger
Juicebars are not the greenest charging solution

Our Verdict

Worked as advertised and is dirt-cheap, but not the most eco-friendly method


  • Low price
  • Works well enough


  • Not very eco-friendly

Ah yes, just when you thought the world was waking up to pollution issues, another disposable, one-charge battery plonks on your desk.

Juicebars are emergency mobile phone chargers that work by giving you a one-off charge. You cannot recharge a Juicebar.

Like one of those fruit juice sachets, the batteries are flat-packed and in the place of a straw is a charged coupling. There isn't a Juicebar for iPhones yet, but Nokia, Samsung and Sony are covered – a list is on the website.

Charge it, bin it

Our Samsung model of Juicebar worked fine. It did the job, charging the phone from dead to full in around the time our socket plug takes to do the same job. You feel like a Luddite dumping the spent sachet into a bin, though.

Our Samsung phone has a standby time that lasts nearly a week, and for a long journey we either pack a charger or a spare battery. Unless it's a real emergency, we wouldn't use it.