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Logitech G5 review

A well-crafted, perfectly balanced mouse

Our Verdict

It isn't cheap, but with a mouse this smooth and precise, your frags per pound will undoubtedly justify the outlay

From the nylon-braided USB cord to the removable weights tray, every part of the G5 is beautifully crafted. This 2,000 DPI mouse offers eight sensitivity levels that can be customised and selected on the fly. The feel of the mouse is perfect, helped by the slick feet it uses.

On the underside, you'll find a removable weights cartridge; with eight slots, it enables you to add up to 36 grams of extra weight in 1.7g or 4.5g units, finally adding some much needed inertia back to the mouse.

With a perfectly balanced tilt wheel and three well positioned additional buttons, the G5 is such a pleasure to use, no matter if you're left or right handed. Smooth movement with laser-precise detection makes for a real winner. Neil Mohr