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Mesh Edge15 Inspire RS review

A poor machine that's massively flawed by terrible performance

Mesh Edge15 Inspire RS
The performance of this laptop leaves a lot to be desired

Our Verdict

Based on the competition, this laptop leaves us wanting a lot more for our money


  • Good screen
  • Capacious hard drive
  • Decent build quality


  • Performance issues
  • Integrated graphics

Mesh is a UK-based company which builds a broad range of laptops to hit a variety of prices. Despite a decent screen, the Edge15 Inspire RS is a laptop that offers very poor performance, severely restricting its overall appeal.

Despite featuring a relatively powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4096MB of memory, performance is very disappointing. This is especially so considering the Sony VAIO VGN-NW20EF/P features a lower-powered, older processor and less memory, yet provides significantly better performance.

You'll be able to run office programs such as spreadsheets without too many issues, but multi-tasking with these programs, or indeed running any large multimedia programs such as photoediting suits, will cause the laptop's performance to drop significantly.

Poor 3D

The Mesh also has very limited 3D capabilities, meaning you won't be able to edit photos or even play very old games. This is due to the low-powered GPU in place, which showed some of the poorest performance we've seen of late.

Thankfully, the laptop's 15.6-inch screen is bright, crisp and clear. As with the PC Nextday Zoostorm 3389-2410 and Asus X5DAB-SX028V, the screen is slightly bigger than the Sony's 15.5-inch offering, but doesn't provide the same colour reproduction, so if watching films and viewing photos is a priority we would suggest the Sony as a better option.

A 500GB hard drive is in place and provides comprehensive storage for all your files and folders, and you won't need to worry about filling it up in the near future.

Build quality is decent, but unexceptional. The lid features a shiny black finish, which is a magnet for dust, and rather than emboss or engrave their logo on the panel backing, Mesh has chosen to employ a paper and glue sticker, which looks a little cheap.

The silver chassis is fairly tough, and there are a variety of ports dotted around the sides. A generic chassis has been used and the eSATA and HDMI ports have been blocked up where they would normally appear on more expensive models – again, this looks a little cheap.

Mesh build

The keyboard is very similar to the Sony's in style, although not quite as responsive, but the typing action is generally good. The 150-minite battery life falls short of our expected three hours, but still beats the Asus handsomely.

While not atrocious, the Mesh Edge15 Inspire RS is very hard to recommend over its rivals here due to its poor performance – both 3D and everyday. If, however, you're after a simple back-up machine then it may be worth a look.

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