4GEE Capture Cam review

4G network live stream video and sleek wearable design, it's all change for EE's latest POV camera

EE Capture Camera review

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The Capture Cam is an improvement over the Action Cam and even though it isn't waterproof the design is sleeker and easier to mount. If you're looking for a wearable camera then this is by far the best design of any action camera on the market for this type of use.

Once set up, the camera and app are both incredibly easy to use, although there is still the issue that during the setup process you need to swap between two apps rather than just the one as you deal with both EE and Skeegle.

Being able to broadcast live is a great feature and while many people will question why you'd need an additional piece of kit to do this when most phones already have this capability, the camera is far easier to handle and does enable you to easily mount it on either yourself or other objects. It also enables you to easily broadcast to several people at different locations very easily, and that footage is automatically recorded down so you can watch it again in the future.

Video quality is acceptable but not brilliant and is really no better than the majority of camera phones. The choices of resolutions and frame rates is limited as are any addition modes or features that you would have thought would appeal, such as slow motion.

4GEE Capture Cam

We liked

Build quality is excellent from the textured grip that surrounds the body to the metal clip that helps to hold the camera in place when mounted. The simple design features easy to use controls with the shutter button and simple switch from video to still ensuring you know what mode you're in.

The illuminated ring that flashes green when recording and the three small green leds that show signal strength make it easy to check the mode and status of the camera.

The 4GEE app is bright and well laid out making it easy to find settings and modes as well as check account settings and top up data when needed.

We disliked

The use of two apps is a pain as when setting up the camera and video quality is disappointing, especially in low light, where footage showed plenty of noise and the auto white balance often struggled. In brighter conditions the video quality is acceptable but compared with the majority of action and phone cameras the quality it looks very dated and lacks the tonal graduation, detail and quality that you'd expect.

Final verdict

The EE 4GEE Capture Cam is great device, it's incredibly easy to use and although there are very few settings when it comes to video quality, it simply enables you to capture and stream footage easily. The app is easy to use and the ability to directly top up pay as you go data or check details on your monthly subscription and data usage is extremely useful.

Live streaming does work well and the ability to show friends and family small events at the time they happen is a really nice feature. You could capture these events on your phone but the ease of just clicking the shutter button to capture a few seconds of a family party and have this instantly sent to other family members is great.

Video quality is the camera's big let down, and it really doesn't match the quality produced by the majority of other cameras of this type.

This camera will appeal to families as it has plenty of features that make it incredibly versatile despite the video quality issues. If the video quality could just take a small leap forward then this would be a really exciting action camera. It cuts down recording to the basics without fuss and it enables people to stream important or random events to groups of select people. But it needs to be a complete integrated solution, so just one app for the camera to pair to a mobile device, adjust settings and broadcast. If EE could add auto editing through mobile and just improve the video quality then it would be a winner. It has potential, but while it has the features the Capture Cam's video quality will ultimately disappoint.

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