4GEE Capture Cam review

4G network live stream video and sleek wearable design, it's all change for EE's latest POV camera

EE Capture Camera review

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Standalone video quality is OK but does require bright conditions for the best quality footage. At full HD 1080p at 30fps the footage shows a good amount of detail with bright colour and contrast. Compared with footage from cameras such as the Xiaomi Yi and GoPro, however, the footage is noticeably lower in resolution and quality with far less detail and tone.

In low light conditions the camera really starts to struggle and even indoors when there is a good amount of light the footage shows a high level of noise.

When you switch to live stream the video quality changes to 720p automatically, and the quality is surprisingly good when viewed on a mobile device. You can see a level of breakup and pixelation of the image, but the stream is perfectly watchable and the audio also comes through well. This pixelation is apparent when footage saved in the camera is viewed back on a monitor, though.

Video quality

A major failing of the EE Action Cam was the quality of the video and the quality of footage from the Capture Cam is very similar. Footage shot in bright conditions is perfectly viewable but the level of detail cannot match that of many other action cameras.

The high contrast and bright colours do however translate well to mobile phone viewing and watching clips back on an iPhone 6 by streaming the footage over Wi-Fi gives acceptable quality with smooth motion.

  • Despite the harsh lighting conditions the small 4GEE Capture Cam does a relatively good job at capturing the scene. Lens flare is kept to a minimum despite the camera being aimed almost directly at the rising sun.
  • Clipping the 4GEE Capture Cam to a backpack or piece of clothing really couldn't be easier. The simple mount doesn't always make for the best quality footage, though, as this clip demonstrates with the motion rendering. However colours are reproduced with slight over-saturation, which gives an instantly pleasing quality to the footage. Contrast as always with this camera is set high, which does mean that the finer detail is lost.
  • In bright conditions the footage is acceptable, but look closely and you'll see that image lacks detail. However playback on a small mobile phone screen looks good.
  • This shot shows that although the footage lacks detail when compared with other action cameras, the quality is acceptable in well lit conditions.
  • Another sample of general footage shot in bright conditions. Colours are bright and contrast is a little higher than you'd normally expect from an action camera. Motion even at 30fps look smooth.
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