4GEE Capture Cam review

4G network live stream video and sleek wearable design, it's all change for EE's latest POV camera

EE Capture Camera review

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The unique feature of the 4GEE cameras is the ability to broadcast live footage, but the initial setup does take a while and requires the use of two apps. With the 4GEE Action Cam App already installed you must then click on the settings and select Live Streaming. You're then guided through the process of downloading the Skeegle app and signing up to an account.

The Skeegle App handles the live stream and also enables you to make your selection of people to who will receive the live view stream. Before use, Skeegle requires that a group is created, which is purely a term for the list of people you want the video to go to, and this can be quickly created from your phone's contact list. This process is extremely easy to follow and you can create different groups for different broadcasts. So one could be a group of friends and another work.

4GEE Capture Cam

On the front of the Capture Cam there's nothing to see by the f/2.4 lens.

4GEE Capture Cam

You swap between video and still modes with this simple switch.

Then, before you return to the 4GEE app, you select which group you want to broadcast to by clicking the movie camera icon. At the moment, this part of the app is a little confusing because although the Capture Cam appears in the camera list in the settings, the small live view that can be seen in the centre of the app shows footage through the phone's camera instead, so at first it's difficult to establish if everything is working as it should be.

Once you have set up groups and people in Skeegle you can then exit and return to the 4GEE Action Cam App. Now, when the Live View Screen appears you have the option to click the LIVE text on the far right of the screen – then, when you hit record, the live broadcast will start. The people listed in the selected group are then sent a text message with a web link that they can click in order to view the live streaming event.

This Live Stream is sent at 720p 30fps and is also saved at this resolution to the memory card in the camera.

Once you have set up the the live stream the camera is then set to live stream mode which means that you don't need the app or even a phone to start broadcasting.

To stop the live broadcast mode and switch back to recording in camera only you need to click the REC text on the right of the screen in the App.

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