Samsung UE40H6400 review

Some strong features are slightly undermined by annoying flaws

Samsung UE40H6400

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The Samsung UE40H6400 can be considered an extremely well equipped internet-connected mid-range Full HD flatscreen. From design to image quality, it barely puts a foot wrong. Although not exactly fresh, the translucent-edged frame remains perennially popular and Samsung's penchant for razor sharp, vibrant images is well represented here.

Samsung UE40H6400

The brand's Smart Hub portal also largely delivers in terms of navigation and content (albeit currently short of a couple of Catch-up services). Even the new Bluetooth remote is quite intuitive to use. The TV is less successful when it comes to 3D, which proves uncomfortable to watch, while pointless social media applications curry little favour. However, these missteps don't diminish our opinion that this is a solid, competitively priced premium flatscreen.

We Liked

It may be unable to display deep blacks, but crowd-pleasing clarity and some decent presets keep this set's images looking pristine.

Samsung's Smart Hub portal, with integrated multimedia playback and a healthy smattering of streaming services, ensures you'll not miss out on much.

The set's universally acceptable cosmetic design makes it easy to accommodate, while the two remotes cover all bases.

We disliked

Clunky attempts at social media won't persuade anyone to abandon their second screen, and that dedicated Football Mode looks awful. The H6400's Active Shutter 3D implementation proves difficult to watch, which may disappoint the kids.

Final verdict

The UE40H6400LED has all the right credentials to become a best-seller for Samsung. Set up right, its crispy Full HD pictures, rich colours, and punchy contrast look great with most types of content. The brand's Smart Hub proposition remains strong, although some of the latest tweaks are less than compelling.

Casual gaming and social media feel crowbar'd in from the mobile playbook. With Sony stealing the performance high-ground with its W8 series, and Panasonic offering arguably the slickest Smart environment with Freetime, this set is up against serious competition. Overall though, it comes recommended with only minor caveats.

Also consider

Providing the UE40H6400 with some stiff competition is Sony's 42-inch KDL-42W815, which combines excellent image quality with an almost cookie-cutter collection of Smart connected features. If you're looking for a rather more seamless connected viewing experience, then LG's incoming LB730V 42-incher with Passive 3D with the new WebOS platform should be high on your audition list.

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