Samsung UE40H6400 review

Some strong features are slightly undermined by annoying flaws

Samsung UE40H6400

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Initial guided set-up is clear and intuitive, with hand-holding from tuning to networking. To make the most of the connected experience, particularly the increased gaming provision, two remote controls are bundled.

There's a standard IR remote and a Bluetooth pebble known as the Smart Touch Control. With a touch sensitive pad and integrated microphone for voice control, the latter can be used to change channel and volume or open and control apps. While there's only a limited number of buttons on this Bluetooth remote, you can call up a full virtual remote onscreen and navigate from there.

Samsung UE40H6400 Smart Touch Control remote

On the off chance that both 'doofers' disappear behind the sofa, the rear of the set also offers physical controls for navigation and menu selection.

While the UE40H6400 doesn't offer the gesture control found higher up the pecking order, this isn't really missed. A voice command option is there for those that want to impress the neighbours.


Audio is the traditional Achilles' heel of all thin screens, although it must be said that the H6400 is far from the worst offender you'll find. While not exactly high-fidelity, it does make a reasonably articulate noise, and offers some semblance of stereo separation.

While most buyers would probably opt to augment the set with a soundbar solution at some point, the integrated audio is good enough to live with out of the box. Onboard amplification is rated at 2x10w, although the set can't be driven particularly loud.


Overall, there's plenty to like about this well-connected mid-ranger. The screen's anonymously cool design will fit pretty much anywhere, while the connected portal provides plenty of streaming options, including Netflix, and YouTube. Hopefully catch-up will be up to full strength soon. Image picture performance is vivid and consistently enjoyable.

While some of Samsung's new season wheezes aren't exactly compelling – the soccer mode has 'gimmick' written large all over, and the attempts at social media just bring a frown. But these problems are not enough to dampen our enthusiasm.

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