• Price
  • Detail
  • DivX & DivX HD playback


  • Motion blur
  • Judder
  • Poor remote
  • Freeview EPG

It may lack the latest web, 3D and Freeview HD goodies, but Toshiba's slim new 32HL833B will have more than enough technology for many.

Edge LED backlighting and full HD resolutions, for example, were considered high-end features only a couple of years ago, and to see them on a sub-£500 screen is quite something.

Looks-wise, the 32HL833B is merely OK. The rather thin plastic chassis looks relatively attractive from a distance; heavily rounded corners - trimmed with a thin silver strip - on the undercarriage of the set help create a softer look that's somewhat spoiled by the top's much harsher corners.

The 32HL833B is part of Toshiba's entry-level HL Series, which also includes the 42-inch 42HL833B. Bookending the HL Series is both the DL Series and the EL Series.

The DL Series comprises the 32-inch 32DL833, 26-inch 26DL833, 22-inch 22DL833 and 19-inch 19DL833. All have a built-in DVD player (one of Toshiba's specialties, incidentally, which this year extends to built-in Blu-ray in its DB Series), edge LED-backlit HD ready panels, Freeview and Active Vision 50Hz.

The EL Series, meanwhile, also includes a 32-incher, the 32EL833, which puts a regular Freeview tuner under the hood of this LED-backlit HD ready screen. The EL Series is completed by the 26-inch 26EL833, 22-inch 22EL833 and 19-inch 19EL833.

One thing is for sure, though: if Toshiba, king of the entry-level TV, has turned to LED-backlighting throughout its range, then the old CCFL-lit LCD TVs are officially dead. We only have to look at the low price of the 32HL833B to be sure of that.