• Cheap enough for a 32-inch TV
  • Bright
  • Natural HD pictures
  • USB recording


  • Fat and ugly
  • Unconvincing colours
  • Average black levels

At just £430 in shops – or as little as £300 if you dig about online – you don't have to look very hard for the potential appeal of the Sharp LC-32DH510E.

It sits towards the bottom of Sharp's current output, a large step below the flagship, LED-lit and Quattron-driven LE821/LE811 ranges.

With its normal CCFL backlight, the LC32DH510E also sits underneath the LED-powered 32LE320E, while its HD ready resolution puts it beneath the 1080p LC-32FH510E in the overall pecking order.

The price-busting ethic is all too apparent in the TV's design. Viewed straight on, from distance, it doesn't look too bad, with its glossy black finish and reasonably attractive little arc of grey in the middle of the bottom edge. However, get up close and the finish starts to look and feel plasticky and lightweight.

The backside, meanwhile, sticks out a mile and suffers from bits bulging out all over the place in seemingly random fashion.

While the 32DH510E isn't going to win any design awards, it does have one or two surprising features up its sleeve.