Sharp LC-22DV200E

Sharp aims for style and substance with its latest LCD TV/DVD combi

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  • Slender design for a combi
  • Bright and colourful pictures
  • Fair price


  • Poor EPG
  • Puny sound quality
  • Black levels could be better

The Sharp LC-22DV200E is certainly big on up-front appeal. It features a built-in DVD player as well as a 22in LCD screen and also delivers a surprisingly svelte profile despite its double function, avoiding the dated, chunky appearance of so many combis.

It wears its slimness well, thanks to a high-gloss black fascia with subtle curves in all the right places.

The 22DV200E's connections, however, are really pretty basic, with only a single HDMI and a PC port catching the eye. It's worth reflecting, though, that the integrated DVD player relieves the TV of the need to cater for one very notable external source. Furthermore, the latter can play JPEGs, audio files and even DivX video, making the lack of a multimedia-capable USB port easier to accept.

Sharp lc-22dv200e

In action, the 22DV200E uses its HD ready (1,366 x 768-pixel) screen and CCFL backlighting to reasonable effect. Particularly striking is how bright its pictures look compared with most small-screen LCD TVs. This boosts colours, ensuring good levels of vibrancy and fewer rogue-looking tones than we might have expected.

Fed an HD source through its solitary HDMI, the 22DV200E manages to reveal the 'HD difference', with obvious extra clarity and detail and more convincing and consistent colours. It doesn't harm the clarity, either, that the 22DV200E is better than many small TVs at suppressing motion noise.

Sharp lc-22dv200e

Once you've wrestled a DVD into the stubborn slot, meanwhile, you are again presented with an enjoyable picture. The set upscales the standard-def source well, without emphasising noise or creating jagged curved edges and there's minimal DVD MPEG decoding noise.

More good news is that colour and contrast tend not to fall away too badly when the screen is viewed from an angle.

Sharp lc-22dv200e

The 22DV200E has notable flaws, though. The sound quality from the set's speakers is very flimsy indeed, with practically no power or range. The electronic programme guide used to browse Freeview listings is ugly, hard to use and glitchy.

Finally, while the 22DV200E's contrast range and black level response are generally OK, there is both brightness inconsistency along the screen's edges and general clouding over dark scenes.

While these issues stop the 22DV200E from being a classic small TV, it's still an affordable combi that should appeal to many.

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