Samsung UE55HU7500 review

Possibly the best value flat 4K TV yet

Samsung UE55HU7500

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All of the smart stuff is covered in our review of Samsung's UE48H6400, but suffice to say that along with LG it's the best smart TV system around. Its Smart Hub is divided up into five sections, with On TV flanked by pages for Films & TV Shows, Multimedia, Games and Samsung Apps. Better still, a Dual Core processor that proves plenty fast enough powers it all.

Meanwhile, the UE55HU7500's Smart Interaction features, which include only voice, are best ignored (they're not much use even on the odd occasion the TV understands you). Ditto football mode, which amps-up crowd noise and over-saturates the pitch. Yuck.

Samsung UE55HU7500

Digital video file playback is excellent, with the UE55HU7500 supporting AVI, MOV, AVC HD, MPEG-2, MKV and MP4 (including 4K variants encoded in H.264) and WMV video files as well as OGG, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, WMA, APE, MP3 and M4A music. Meanwhile, the photo display software is excellent and even allows sharing to Facebook.

An annoying omission on the UE55HU7500 compared to the UE55HU8500 is cinema black, which is available on a lot of Samsung TVs and makes the back bars shown top and bottom of anamorphic 2.39:1 and CinemaScope movies look deeper.


Rather surprisingly the UE55HU7500 puts in a decent performance, with the longer chassis allowing just enough room for its downward-firing 40W speakers to deliver a reasonably wide sound. The virtual surround mode isn't up to much, but there's effective stereo and just enough of a suggestion of bass for movies to be playable. However, the UE55HU7500 isn't musical; to make any kind of use of the wide support for lossless music filetypes you're going to need a separate sound system.


We'd judge the UE55HU7500 to be good value, though without checking-out the step-down 4K-ready UE55HU6900 model – which costs significantly less at £1,399 but is likely to be marred by motion blurring to a greater extent – it's difficult to be absolutely sure.

The UE55HU7500 is certainly worth considering in a head-to-head with the pricier UE55HU8500, which is pointlessly curved. Though the UE55HU7500 does include a couple of pairs of super-slim 3D specs, they're not very effective at blocking-out ambient light.

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