The audio performance of the TX-32D25 is rather good for its size. There's a pleasing, if modest, stereo spread to the audio, with some mid-bass roundness and rinky-dink treble. In general use, it's very good.

There is also support for Audio description transmissions. You can automate the Audio Description service and there's provision to adjust the volume of the description track independently of the main volume.


This screen is generally available between £610 and £700, which puts it at the upper end of the market for a screen of this size. Its performance though goes a long way to justifying the ticket price. The feature spread is advanced, although there are some areas where it clearly falls behind the competition.

Panasonic tx l32d25b

Optional extras for the TV include a dedicated Wi-Fi dongle (order number DY-WL10E) to go online if you don't have a wired network, and a rather flashy webcam, sorry, Communication Camera (TY-CC10W). The Wi-Fi dongle supports WPS for easy wireless connection to a router.

Overall, this LED Panasonic is a rather fine television. Sure, it's expensive for a 32-incher and comes up short on network streaming, but its overall picture performance provides adequate compensation and the Freesat HD tuner is a significant boon.