Panasonic TX-L32D25B review

Excellent LED-backlit TV with dual free HD tuners and an IPS panel

Panasonic TX-L32D25B
Panasonic's TX-L32D25B fits lots of features into a small size

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Panasonic tx-l32d25b

If the TX-L32D25 is any indication where Panasonic is going with its LED screens, then it'll be an exciting ride. It overcomes many of the common flaws of LCD to give a sharp, vibrant image from a wide viewing angle.

There are issues with the brand's proprietary IFC motion compensation system, but it's by no means the worst out there, and its video streaming could offer wider support. However the dual Freeview HD/Freesat HD tuners and Viera Cast IPTV portal win it bonus points. Overall, this is a superior 32-incher that you'll not regret investing in.

We liked

The evenness of the LED backlight and the wide viewing angle offered by Panasonic's IPS panel. The slimline design should also keep fashionistas happy. To experience the best image quality, use Blu-ray and the BBC HD channels on Freesat.

We disliked

The creaky, cranky remote control. Perhaps this sample fault was faulty, but the fact it found its way onto the test-bench doesn't bode well. Equally, limited multimedia file support doesn't make this a good choice if streaming media across a network is your bag. The Guide Plus+ programme listing is also a bit on the ghastly side.


The real joy of this screen lies firmly with its superior picture performance, which goes a long way to justifying its premium price tag. HD images are incisor-sharp and much of the clarity is kept during motion. If you're looking for a small, stylish-looking thinscreen for a family room, the TX-L32D25 is well worth auditioning.

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