LG 50PW450 review

A keenly priced plasma that is fatally undermined by truly dreadful 3D performance

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LG 50pw450

The 50PW450T's combination of 3D playback, 50-inch screen and £900 price tag is certainly eye-catching.

Its ISF endorsement, multimedia support and 2D performance are also attractive, but 3D pictures are ruined by a level of crosstalk interference that is shocking for a plasma TV.

The 50PW450T can't even make a case for itself as a budget big-screen gaming monitor on account of its hefty input lag and only deserves consideration on its 2D merits alone.

We liked

The 50PW450T's price looks remarkably low for a 50-inch active 3D TV and build quality is exemplary. The range of picture tweaks is remarkable for a budget set and contrast, sharpness and colour performance is better than expected, at least when watching HD.

We disliked

The screen isn't full HD and it sometimes shows. Standard-def pictures tend to look pretty unsophisticated too and the lack of any online capability is a pity, if hardly a surprise. Input lag makes it a problematic gaming screen, but everything else pales into insignificance beside the awfulness of its 3D pictures.

Final verdict

The 50PW450T might have brought 3D to the masses but, sadly, the only thing it's likely to achieve in 3D terms is putting an already sceptical public off the whole idea.

The 50PW450T's 2D performance is a little rudimentary but ultimately enjoyable, at least with HD sources, but its input lag ruins any gaming monitor potential.

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