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Acer AL2416Ws

Pricey, ugly and a poor performer. Why bother?

The brittle plastic chassis hardly inspires confidence

Our Verdict

No DVI connectivity, but poor image quality is the killer blow


  • It's hard to find any positives


  • Price, performance, looks... the list goes on

A false economy made manifest in plastic and TFT LCD - we hereby give you Acer's AL2416Ws.

Part of the blame for this ill-conceived monitor lies with the utterly ridiculous import duty that currently applies to any display with a DVI port that dares to breach the UK's borders.

It explains why Acer has shipped a 24-inch widescreen PC monitor with just a single unprepossessing VGA video connection.

But it's absolutely no excuse for the offensively drab tilt-only chassis, hewn from brittle plastic and about as confidence-inspiring as a catflap in a tornado. Pull the trigger on this monitor to the tune of nearly £600 and we suspect the disappointment upon unsheathing will be palpable.

Of course, we'd forgive all that in a flash in return for top-notch image quality. But despite the use of A-PVA technology, the AL2416Ws suffers from poor contrast, bleeding black tones and fairly horrific input lag. Avoid. Jeremy Laird