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Asus G71 review

A fantastic multimedia laptop, for those who can afford it

Asus G71-Main
Asus G71

Our Verdict

If you're after a gaming machine, best to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a great multimedia laptop with an impressive spec


  • Plenty of storage
  • Excellent screen
  • Blu-ray drive


  • Lacklustre performance

Good job we found the Asus G71 online at a price substantially cheaper than the SRP of two grand.

While the numbering system suggests this is an upgrade to the phenomenal games machine that is the SLI'd G70, it's actually nowhere near as good for gaming, being limited to an older, single GPU.

So what is it that makes up its bulk? Mostly, it's the quad-core processor – still unusual in a laptop – and twin 500GB hard drives.

Though billing itself as a games machine, it's more of an entertainment PC: great screen quality, Blu-ray on board and it won't struggle with HD content or run out of space.

Despite its size, it does look quite lovely too – although the red case flashes and strobing LED trim clashes with the relatively restrained keyboard and touchpad.