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Your next Samsung phone may have a notch

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung may have focused on the reveal of its foldable phone at the Samsung Developer Conference this year, but the company also confirmed it's planning to include notches on future handsets.

The company highlighted some notch designs it's experimenting with and may decide to include on new handsets. Samsung has yet to include a notch on any smartphone, while most of its competition have experimented with the idea.

On stage we saw diagrams for what Samsung calls the Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O and the New Infinity.

From O to V

The Infinity-U looks to be a relatively traditional notch design, while the Infinity-V is a cutout in the shape of a V but looks to be a similar size to the Infinity-U.

The more experimental choice is the Infinity-O, which is a circular cutout toward the left hand side of the display. This design begs the question of how third-party app developers would support such a different notch design.

The New Infinity option doesn't include a notch at all, and that may be what we've seen rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

A couple of different rumors have claimed Samsung has found a way to put the front-facing selfie camera under the display, allowing it to make a phone without a cutout at the top yet still include a full-screen display.

Samsung didn't unveil any of the phones these notch designs would be used on, but it did confirm that these are made to be used on upcoming phones in the near future. That may mean we'll see devices from Samsung in 2019 featuring a variety of different designs.

Via GSMArena, Mobile Syrup

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