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Your Moto 360 just got a whole lot better

Moto 360
The Moto 360 just got a lot better

If you've got a Moto 360 smartwatch then Motorola has got some treats lined up for you as it begins rolling out its official Android 5.1.1 update from today.

After a short delay due to performance issues, the update is now ready to be installed and should be available to Moto 360 owners over the next couple of days.

One of the new features included in the update is the ability to connect the watch to Wi-Fi, which means you no longer have to be tethered to your smartphone via Bluetooth for the Moto 360 to work.

Flick of the wrist

The new update also supports a new range of gestures, letting you "flick your wrist" to scroll between cards, notifications and information without having to touch the screen.

You can now draw on the Moto 360's screen to create emojis, and if you're always squinting at the Moto 360's display, you can save your eyesight by changing the font size.

To mark the release of the update, Motorola also released the video below, detailing what's new Android 5.1.1.

If these new features have made you consider getting the Moto 360, then we have some good news, as it's now cheaper than ever to pick one up.

Via Phone Arena

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