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Vodafone set to announce new Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Vodafone readying Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Vodafone readying Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Vodafone looks like it might be about to start offering a new Honeycomb-powered tablet, if a recent posting is anything to go by.

On its official Facebook page Vodafone has posted a link to an article on Honeycomb, speculating whether it will be coming to the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Tab devices:

"There are some great Android smartphones in the pipeline - Nexus S, Xperia Play and LG Optimus 3D - with more coming to Vodafone soon. But Android's just about to get even bigger with the launch of the first Honeycomb tablets around the corner."

Obvious hint

"Interested? There's a preview video of Honeycomb in this article so take a look and let us know what you think. Will you be picking one up?"

While the post mentions nothing about Vodafone offering a tablet in the future, it would be pointless for the network to link to an article praising the operating system for the sake of it.

So it seems pretty likely that we'll be getting at least the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 at Mobile World Congress - could there even be a range of new Galaxy Tabs? We'll be on hand at the press conference to find out.