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Vodafone overhauls mobile with new Homescreen

Vodafone's new Homescreen system
Vodafone's new Homescreen system

Vodafone will launch a new method of interacting with your mobile home screen this summer, imaginatively titled Vodafone Homescreen.

Speaking to TechRadar this morning in an intimate briefing, Vodafone showed us the new screen features a four way menu system, with messages, gaming, photos, apps and widgets and favourite contacts accessed using the directional arrows.

The system also synchronises with a web account, so if you decide to add an app giving you a link to Wikipedia mobile, the same thing will appear on your tailored Vodafone portal, accessed by entering your mobile number and password.

App appy apps

Users can select from a number of apps from Betavine, with more coming soon, allowing them to easily have one-click access to a number of web portals.

The new homescreen is basically an overlay for the phone (starting with Nokia S60 handsets) although a watered down 'My Web' version is now available on the Nokia 6210 from Vodafone, which the company says it chose because of the handset's popularity.

Stay tuned for our hands on with the new Vodafone Homescreen as we see if it really adds depth to your mobile phone or is just another annoyance on your cluttered mobile phone.