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CES 2007: photos by candlelight

Nanotechnology company Planet82 is set to revolutionise the digital camera market at a CES seminar in Las Vegas next week. The company will demonstrate how digital still and video cameras can 'see' and capture images in the dark.

Using a technology that is 2000 times more sensitive to light than current systems, it replaces the need for an internal light source in cameras and other devices. Photos could be taken with the light of one candle.

Cars could also benefit from the new single carrier modulation photo detector (SMPD) technology, as it could be incorporated as 'night vision' into car sensors for auto parking.

Less drain

Planet82 also foresees that the technology could also enable mobile cameraphones to take high-resolution colour photos without draining the battery. There is no distortion or delay as with a standard flash.

At CES, Planet82 will demonstrate how cars with night vision and digital cameras can capture images in the dark without an internal light source using the SMPD technology.

The company said it will also unveil components that use the technology, including a black-and-white, a full-colour, and 2-megapixel colour sensors.