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Orange confirms UK HD voice trials

The future's loud, according to Orange
The future's loud, according to Orange

Orange has confirmed it is to trial high-definition voice technology for mobile phones, which it hopes will banish crackly phone calls forever.

Instead of the garbled shout of "I can't hear you" every five minutes, users of HD voice will have, according to Orange, audio clarity never before heard on a mobile phone.

New era

Although TechRadar heard rumour as far back as December, the announcement was made at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the company called the HD tech "a new era for mobile communications".

The three-month trials are expected in the UK as soon as spring and trials will soon be happening in other parts of Europe, with France, Spain and Luxembourg earmarked.

'Why HD voice on a mobile phone,' we hear you cry? Well, Orange has pointed out that phone calls are often lost in noisy or busy rooms so the technology will "create a much closer feeling of proximity between both parties, almost as if callers are actually in the same room."

Hopefully that means less shouting of the words "I'm on a train" then.