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O2 restricts iPhone 4 to current customers only

O2 puts its own customers first with iPhone 4
O2 puts its own customers first with iPhone 4

The fervour around the iPhone 4 is seemingly growing daily, and O2 doesn't look like it will be getting any new customers off the back of the excitement.

Despite having some pretty competitive tariffs ahead of the 24 June release date, O2 has put out a statement that shows it anticipates selling out pretty quickly.

"iPhone stock will be extremely limited in the UK at launch and not everybody who wants one will be able to get one straight away.

All about the customers

"We want to make sure that our existing customers get priority so until at least the end of July, only existing O2 customers will be able to get an iPhone 4 from us.

"Whether you're an existing O2 mobile customer looking to upgrade, or one of our broadband customers looking to move your mobile to O2, our iPhone stock is reserved exclusively for you."

It's a nice thing to see a network putting its current customers first, but we bet O2 would rather not have to restrict anyone from getting the iPhone 4 - are we seeing early stock problems already for Apple?