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Nokia outs new X10, running Symbian^3?

Nokia planning the new X10?
Nokia planning the new X10?

The new phone has shown up in a YouTube video, and seems likely to be running the latest version of Symbian^3, a significant finger friendly upgrade to handsets running the OS.

The X10 looks set to be a real big hitter in the Nokia stable, despite having a chassis that looks a little bit like the maligned X6.

The X10 has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, multiple homescreens thanks to Symbian^3 and a 600MHz CPU from ARM.

New territory for Nokia

It will also apparently be rocking a 3.2-OLED screen with capacitive touch technology - which would be a real upgrade from Nokia phones on the market today.

Other little more Nokia-like specs could include: 32GB of memory, 256MB of RAM and a 5MP camera with flash.

The video shows the documentation for said handset, which is why we're still a little sceptical - it's not the hardest thing to photoshop a phone together, let alone draw it.

We'll be interested to see what sort of time frame this phone is supposed to be released in, but the sooner the Symbian range gets upgraded, the better.

Via Unwired View