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LG goes crazy and unveils cases for G2... before it's launched

LG G2 QuickWindow case goes official ahead of launch
Look, you can see a very small part of the G2's screen!

August 7 is the date in our diary for the unveiling of the LG G2, but the South Korean firm has already gone official on a new range of cases for the flagship smartphone.

The QuickWindow case is named for its "window" opening that lets you see information on screen without needing to open the cover.

As the photo shows, there are a number of things that can be displayed on QuickWindow, including details of incoming calls and messages, and a range of widgets such as a clock, alarm, weather updates and a music player.


The covers come in 7 different colours – black, white, pink, purple, blue, mint and yellow. And, as LG tells us, the whole rainbow range will be available with the launch of the LG G2.

There's not a great deal more information we can tease out about the phone itself, other than it's shaped, you know, totally normally and exactly how we expected.

We will say, however, that it's a bit odd to see a case announced officially before the phone. But hey, LG is a maverick and who are we to question its methods?

TechRadar will be at the big event on August 7 to bring you all the news of the G2 as it breaks.

Hugh Langley

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