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Kazaa returns as legal music service

Kazaa reborn as a legal service
Kazaa reborn as a legal service

Nostalgic P2P users will be excited to know the Kazaa brand is coming back - but only as a legal download service.

After the slightly shady service died, Brilliant Digital Entertainment picked up the brand name and will offer unlimited downloads of songs and ringtones for around £12-13 per month.

Word is the new service will offer one million tracks when it opens next month, with all four big record labels present and correct at launch.

Not the first

This isn't the first formerly illegal site to go straight, after Napster was the first in 2003. More recently The Pirate Bay became a pay site too, bringing with it the end of bucketloads of free music and movies via torrenting.

It seems unlikely Kazaa can make inroads into an industry that has just a fraction of the users it garnered in its more shady days. The likes of Nokia's Comes with Music and Spotify have changed the way the public uses music online, so Kazaa will surely offer something game-changing to make a profit.