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Justice is served: Measly payday for 'Antennagate' finally in the mail

Steve Jobs
'We're cool, right guys?'

A DVD. Dinner for one. Parking five miles from any event in San Francisco.

There are a number of things you can buy for $15, and those of you affected by "Antennagate" will soon be flush with dinero. Well, $15 (at little less than £10, and $14 australian dollars) of dinero.

Reports indicate that Apple has started paying out settlement checks for the iPhone 4 scandal that broke in 2010. Some phones had antenna and reception issues, and while Apple gave a number of free bumpers to quell customer fury, those who didn't receive one will now start "rolling" in class action dough.

The $15 is only for U.S. customers as per, the case's dedicated website. Those of you crouched by your mail slot can start daydreaming about the settlement's possibilities.

Via 9to5Mac

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