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China launches 4G mobile network

2G iPhone is old hat: China forges on without it

Sunday saw the launch of China 's first 4G mobile device in the Changning district of Shanghai, according to Thanh Nien News . While the Americans lag far behind, languishing in the doldrums of 2G mobile phone networks, China has forged ahead skipping straight into the world of 4G.

The new 4G network provides improved download speeds of up to 100Mbps, which is the same speed as most computer networks using fibre optics. This is far more advanced than current 3G and 2G networks currently being used in Europe and America.

China launched the 4G project in 2001 and aims to have widespread usage by 2010. That's despite having no current 3G infrastructure, leading to speculation that 3G could be passed over altogether.