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Bada to bring TV, Blu-ray and mobile together

Bada could become the pivotal point of your connected home
Bada could become the pivotal point of your connected home

Bada, Samsung's new proprietary platform, is likely to become a pivotal element in Samsung's 'integrated home' vision.

Neil Davis, chief information officer for Blockbuster, said at the launch of the platform that Bada users could one day be able to access their content the way they want to:

"Bada enables us to become a multi channel provider. For instance, you could rent a movie on a 63-inch Samsung TV, pause it, then move into another room and watch it on a Blu-ray player.

"Then you can walk to your car and finish it up on a Bada handset.

"The mobile space is an entertainment enabler, with smartphones the only consumer device where users are showing an increase in intent to purchase. We see the smartphone as not only an entertainment device, but an 'uber remote' that can interact with other entertainment devices."

Cheaper than Android

Samsung has also issued a veiled criticism of other smartphone operating systems, stating that its new platform will be cheaper, more widely available and more usable than other smartphones on the market.

The first Samsung Bada handset will be available in the first half of 2010, and will be the first to use the company's upgraded TouchWiz user interface, to the 3.0 version.

Justin Hong, President of Engineering for the Bada platform, didn't give any more details on the new UI, but did state that Bada can give 'other benefits' over the likes of Android.

When quizzed on whether Bada was a more alluring platform over Android, he said that users of current Samsung feature phones, such as the Jet, were used to an easy UI, and that Bada will be able to offer benefits in the likes of the application space.