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Nintendo Switch gets Android support – if you're willing to mod your console

Image Credit: Nintendo

Not content with playing Mario and Zelda on your Nintendo Switch? Want to get under the hood of your consoles? You're not alone – and developers Billy Laws and Max Keller have modded Nintendo's hybrid console in order to get it to run the Android OS.

With the Switch basically an ARM-based tablet with two wireless controllers slotted into the sides, it in theory shouldn't be too tough a job to get Android running on it. After all, there are many Android mobile devices running on ARM chips.

That's what the modding duo have managed, as you can see in the video below – and with some concessions, Android O will run on the Nintendo Switch.

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What's missing?

With support being unofficial, there's some bugs and kinks to be ironed out, as you'd imagine.

Though Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the Joy-Con controllers work while running Android, there's no GPU support at the moment, making anything but the most graphically-basic of apps problematic to run.

As for docking for big-screen view of the Android interface, there's no word yet on that working, but we'd assume that's the dream of those working on the mod. Considering the Nintendo Switch is quite light on media and productivity apps, Android support would fill those gaps nicely.

Of course, tinkering with the Nintendo Switch OS in this manner invalidates your warranty, so if you've the urge to fiddle with your tablet, consider yourself warned.