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Motorola cuts jobs of 4,000 workers

Motorola probably cna't keep making super expensive handsets any more
Motorola probably cna't keep making super expensive handsets any more

It seems every time we write a story about Motorola we end up saying something about the company either laying off more staff or releasing another so-so handset.

After playing with the MOTO Surf at CES earlier in this month, its apparent that the new phones aren't really cutting the mustard in the iPhone-dominated market, and this could go some way to explaining the 4,000 job cuts effective immediately.

To be fair, the lay-offs are company-wide, but the majority of them are coming in the handset division, with 3,000 being handed their P45.

Saviour Android

The news comes despite Motorola recently showing off plans to ditch the old, Symbian-heavy handsets of old and embrace the new golden boy Android instead, but obviously even that isn't enough to save the jobs of many staff.

As the Boy Genius Report points out, that takes the total number of Motorola lay-offs to 7,000 in just three months, meaning that the troubling times for the once-great manufacturer are getting more troubled by the day.

Let's see if 2009 can be the phoenix year for the company, otherwise we'll be turning the company's slogan on its head and saying 'Goodbye Moto'.

Gareth Beavis

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