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Instagram is coming to Google Nexus 7 thanks to app update

Instagram is coming to Google Nexus 7 thanks to app update
Well, this image doesn't make sense anymore, does it?

Much loved filter-tastic photo sharing app Instagram has had an update so that it shall go to the Google Nexus 7 ball after all.

The economical tablet doesn't have a rear-mounted camera, so the onus is on applying washed out retro-style filters to existing photos, or taking low-res MySpace-style snaps with the front-facer then filtering and blurring them until they look halfway decent.

You'll also be able to post pictures directly to Flickr using the sharing options, a little treat that wasn't on the Android app before.

Filter no filter

There wasn't exactly outrage and uproar and rioting in the streets when it emerged that the Nexus 7 wasn't compatible with Instagram due to the absence of a camera on the back.

But at the very least, a couple of people were mildly disgruntled and may have expressed distress to one another via the medium of pictures of coffee with heart-shaped chocolate sprinkles and fingernails painted in zany colours.

Those people can now rest easy. (And the rest of us can say stuff like, "If not having Instagram was a dealbreaker for you - well, maybe you need to have a word with yourself.")

From Google Play via Engadget

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