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YouTube's 2011 UK hits revealed

YouTube's 2011 UK hits revealed
Bu-Buttery biscuit base

YouTube has revealed the most watched videos of 2011, with 'ultimate dog tease' topping the rankings and Jessie J's Price Tag ft. B.o.B. number one of the music offerings from UK labels.

YouTube tends to stagger its revelations about its video of the year – but it is the most-watched community that tends to attract the most interest, and this year is ultimate dog tease a clip of a dog with a comedy voice-over that tops the chart, having picked up a whopping total of more than 74 million views.

Johnny Morris would be proud.

Second place went to T-Mobile's Royal Wedding spoof, with a Charlie Sheen flavoured Songify This – Winning picking up a creditable third place. Fourth went to the massively irritating Nyan Cat and Michael Collings' Britain's Got Talent audition rounded out the top five, ticking all the Susan Boyle-esque boxes of looking like a loser and singing beautifully.

A personal favourite of the TechRadar team was the quite brilliant MasterChef Synesthesia by Swede Mason – which deservedly got sixth place.

Seventh place was sketch Diary of a bad man 5, and meme teen Rebecca Black remix Brock's Dub grabbed 8th place. The final two spots in the top ten were Talking Twin babies and TomSka.

In UK music video-land Jessie J's hit was followed by Nicki Minaj's Super Bass and Jenifer Lopez – On the Floor ft. Pitbull – we're gonna go out on a limb and suggest that these are not pitched at the TechRadar demographic.

"The 10 most-watched YouTube videos of 2011 show that around the world, whatever language we speak, there are certain things that bring us all together around a computer screen or mobile phone - adorable babies, talented performers and clever advertising," said YouTube Trends Manager Kevin Allocca.

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