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Fujifilm X-T4 leaked images give us our first look at the upcoming mirrorless camera

Fujifilm X-T4
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

There's a countdown clock ticking away on the Fujifilm website, letting us know that the X-T4 will become official on February 26, but that just means we're going to see a flurry of leaks about the upcoming camera now.

While a few X-T4 specs are already rumored, no renders or images had been revealed... until now. Both Fuji Addict and Fuji Rumors have published leaked images of the X-T4, giving us a closer look at Fujifilm's next mirrorless all-rounder. All the images are heavily watermarked but Fuji Addict did share two which are clear.

(Image credit: Fuji Addict / Fuji Rumors)

If the veracity of the leaked images can be proved, then Fuji Addict's November 2019 rumor about the X-T4's flip screen might well be true. At the time, Fuji Addict also reported that the upcoming camera would be able to capture 6K/60p video like the Panasonic Lumix S1H, but a new list of specs revealed by Fuji Rumors suggests that might not be the case after all.

(Image credit: Fuji Addict / Fuji Rumors)

Going by the leaked images, it seems the X-T4 is more or less identical to its predecessor, with the sole exception of the screen. Looking a little closer, though, reveals a few minor tweaks, particularly to the labelled subdial on the left which seems to include a dedicated HDR mode. The AF Assist lamp seems to have been positioned slightly higher as well, and Fuji Addict says the camera will be slightly thicker than the X-T3.

We recently heard that Fujifilm has developed a bigger battery for the X-T4 and both the aforementioned rumors sites have revealed that it will be a 2,350mAh battery. If true, then that's a major boost from the 1,260mAh capacity NP-W126S battery used in the X-T3, explaining why the newer camera will be slightly bigger than the current model.

Rumors suggest that the X-T4 will inherit the same 26MP sensor that's currently in use in the X-T3, and we won't complain if that's the case – that X-Trans sensor is fabulous, with superb noise performance, and is only about 18 months old after all.

It does feel like the X-T3 was announced only yesterday, having been released in September 2018 and almost immediately began competing for a spot in our best mirrorless camera round-up. But Fujifilm doesn't seem too keen on resting on its laurels just yet – having only just announced the X100V, the Japanese camera maker is all set to debut the fourth X-T snapper.