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Fujifilm X-T4 release date is confirmed, with shipping starting in March

Fujifilm X-T4
(Image credit: Future)

Not content with announcing the new Fujifilm X100V, the Japanese camera company has now officially confirmed the launch date for the incoming Fujifilm X-T4, its new mirrorless all-rounder.

The X-T4 will be announced on February 26 at 12am ET / 5am GMT / 4pm AEDT, which is just before Japan's CP+ camera trade show starts. This date has been heavily rumored, but was confirmed by Fujifilm at yesterday's X Summit.

So far, that is all Fujifilm has officially confirmed about the camera and there haven't yet been any leaked images to give us a taste of what we can expect. But some usually reliable rumors sites, most notably Fuji Rumors, are confident about some of the X-T4's features, including in-body image stabilization (IBIS), and that the camera will ship sometime in March.

So what can we expect from the X-T4? In many ways, the rumors so far suggest it will succeed the Fujifilm X-H1 as much as the X-T3, which was only launched in September 2018 and has since received several firmware updates that have improved its autofocus powers, among other features.

The most compelling rumors about the X-T4 suggest that it'll bring a brand new battery, improved electronic viewfinder, and boosted video powers that could see it capable of shooting 6K/60p video.

Fujifilm X-T4

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Lens needs

If you're not familiar with Fujifilm's X-T series, they've been among our favorite all-rounder mirrorless cameras for the past few years. Their APS-C sensors allow them to smaller than full-frame rivals like the Nikon Z6 without compromising too much on image quality or low light performance, while the X Series' lens range is arguably the best around for APS-C cameras. 

While it's since introduced a range of Medium Format cameras like the Fujifilm GFX 100, Fujifilm confirmed at yesterday's X Summit that it's committed to fleshing out the X Series' lens lineup in 2020. The company will soon be releasing the new XF50mm f/1.0, which it calls the "world's fastest lens with autofocus", and promised a further three new lenses by the end of 2020, taking the range up to an impressive 38 lenses.

That said, one of our main criticisms of X Series cameras, aside from the Fujifilm X-H1, has been the lack of IBIS to help maintain image quality in low light situations, so it's good to hear that this may well be rectified in the forthcoming Fujifilm X-T4. We'll bring you all the official news as we hear it, but in the meantime check out our in-depth Fujifilm X-T4: everything we know so far rumors analysis round-up.