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Delayed Galaxy Fold's fate will be decided 'in a couple of days', says Samsung CEO

Image credit: TechRadar

Originally set to release on April 26, Samsung's highly-anticipated Galaxy Fold was indefinitely put on hold after a number of early review models experienced serious problems relating to the foldable phone's main screen.

Now, just days after announcing that Galaxy Fold pre-orders will likely be canceled unless customers say otherwise, Samsung CEO DJ Koh has revealed that the South Korean company will confirm the foldable's revised release date in a matter of days.

Speaking to The Korean Herald, Koh stated that the company "has reviewed the defect caused from substances (that entered the device), and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days (on the launch).”

Cause and defect

The defect in question is reportedly caused by the removal of a protective layer from the Galaxy Fold's screen, which is said to leave areas of the display exposed, allowing debris to enter the device and become obstructed. 

In some situations, removing the layer can also break the Galaxy Fold's display entirely, with several reports from reviewers of screens blacking out or flickering shortly after the layer has been stripped off. 

Samsung hasn't discussed what specific measures it will take to avoid the problem from cropping up when the handset is finally released to consumers, although the company has suggested that it could provide clearer communication to customers about the protective layer and emphasize its importance.

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